Gypsy Blue Trading Co.

    Beautiful Artisan Jewelry created in ;

    Precious Metals, Gold, Sterling Silver, Copper.
    Crystal,  Art Glass,  Beads, Wood, Bone, Horn, Fossil, Butterfly, Gemstones,  Atocha Silver Coin .
     Many Designs one or very few of a kind;
    Surf & Sea Life, Nautical, Celtic, Viking,  Pirate, Mermaid, Fairy, Tribal, Skulls,

    Dia de los Muertos,   Steampunk,  Metaphysical,  Boho  & Gypsy .

    Costuming & Accessories;
    Cosplay, Pirate, Renaissance, Medieval, Viking, SCA Leather.
    Ostrich and Peacock Feather  Plumes .

    Tribal / Pirate Hair Beads.
    Pewter ware: Dinnerware, Tankards, Flasks.

    Nautical Brass;
    Navigational Seafaring Tools, Working Spy Glass, Compass, Powder Horn, etc.

     Handcrafted Leather Accessories by DogFish Leathers ;
     Leather accessories by our leather smith DogFish Bob. Custom order carved leather welcomed. 
    Tankards/ Flasks & bottle wraps and holders, Drinking Horns & holders, Skirt Hikes, 

    Dirk/ Knife/ Ax Holders, 

    Coin &  Powder Pouches.

    Baldrics & Belts, Sword, Knife & Boarding Axe Sheaths, Flintlock & Blunderbuss Holsters, 

    Pipe Holders,Boot straps, Hat Bands, Braided Para-cord Knife Lanyards. 
     Skirt hikes, Bottle hangars, Utility straps, Pipe holders, etc.

     Also look for us at many festivals & Faires  on the east coast of the USA.
    If  you see something wonderful at one of our shows and it's not on the website, just drop Reina a note.

   Safe Journeys to you my kumpania, kushti bok!